Why is mutton busting a great idea for your child?

Mutton busting is fantastic for rodeo fans who are parents because it introduces young children to the excitement of rodeo events in a safe and controlled environment. It also:

  • Promotes a sense of achievement and confidence
  • Entertains rodeo spectators as they cheer for the adorable riders
  • Fosters a connection between children and animals in a positive and supervised setting
  • Creates lasting memories for both participants and the audience, contributing to the overall festive atmosphere of the rodeo

Safety measures, such as protective gear for the young riders and trained personnel overseeing the event, are in place. Contact us to sign up your child for mutton busting. Each mutton busting event occurs before the rodeo every night, and you must let us know two weeks in advance if you plan on having your child participate.

The sign up date for local entries is July 18th 9am-1 pm (Open ONE DAY ONLY)